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“a contemporary Steinbeck, Salinger or William Golding…”

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Creative Works

Explore my award winning short story "The Skinny Man" and my debut novel "The Fell" below.


The Skinny Man

Winner of the Sunday Star-Times Short Story Awards

"Its vividly cinematic sequence cut deep, leaving me gnawing over its implications. It has the shocking savagery of an Owen Marshall work, or indeed of the news headlines: with territorial claims, threat, fear, theft, sudden violence and crude assertions of power and justification."

The Fell

“perhaps Ulysses meets Lord of the Flies…”

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“The beginning blew me away –I loved the voice, the style, the details, the insights, the commentary on the human condition without being preachy, the cinematic quality, the capturing of childhood memory and viewpoint, the pace, the characters, the humour, the poignancy, the tough reality – so much!
At times I felt I was reading a savage Harry Potter or a new Laura Solomon, a contemporary Steinbeck, Salinger or William Golding. The humour, the exploration of young male friendship and adolescence, the evocation of abandoned children are all well done. The writing is amazing…. “

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